Friday, January 13, 2012

Still Resolute?

(Note: Take two on this post. I tried to post it yesterday, but for some reason Blogger didn't want to post it.)

“So, how’s that resolution thing going?”

Well, so far this year I haven’t been doing too well with the resolutions, I must admit. Let’s go over them one by one to see how I’ve been doing for the first couple of weeks.

Floss daily - last night I woke up around two in the morning and realized that I hadn’t flossed before going to bed (just a couple of hours earlier). I dragged myself out of bed and flossed. If I hadn’t, that would have been the first time so far this year. So far, mission accomplished!

Tweet daily - I’ve missed once - and that’s because I couldn’t figure out a phrasing I wanted. However, I’d tweeted twice the day before and I’m calling it even. Mission accomplished!

Upper or full body workout - Utter failure here... let’s move on.

45 minutes of cardio or something - I’ve skipped a couple of days, but I’ve walked around for a bit so at least I’m doing something here.

Clean up my share of the house - umm.... the less said, the better. Moving on...

Eat more greens -Success! I’ve been eating more. Not every meal, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve increased my veggie intake. Mission accomplished!

Work in the garden - My schedule on weekends has increased so I haven’t done as much as I should, but I can do better and am planning on it. I just need to work harder on getting out there and working harder.

Daily comedy building exercises - Success!

Weekly cultural excursions - Didn't do it the first week because my schedule was a little wonky, but I did go this week. Partial success! Which, of course means, partial failure!

The Weekly Quest - kind of a success. I’ve been taking opportunities to go places that I wouldn’t have gone a year ago. In only a couple of weeks I’ve been to areas of Los Angeles I haven’t been to in the previous ten years. So, while I haven’t been doing a set quest that I plan out on Sundays, I’ve embraced the idea of just heading places to go there.

Creating an performing a stand up routine - I’ve teamed up with a couple of friends and we’re working on our materials. Partial success - the other part will happen when I step onto a stage.

Write a weekly blog post - Take a look at the date on this post... At least I’m posting in January and not July.